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Desert Rose Studio is committed to offering marketing services carefully considered to help brands be seen authentically ~ grow and flourish.

Although we list each service individually we have a holistic approach to your marketing which requires an initial brand assessment with us.

Brand Identity

Whether you’re starting a brand from scratch or re-branding, we create the ultimate branding experience that brings your vision to life. Branding is part of the very beginning stage to grow something truly extraordinary, so getting it right is paramount. What can follow is growth, brand loyalty, authenticity, sales and connection. It’s what sets you apart. Your branding exudes volumes for what you stand for and has to be aesthetically pleasing. Establishing the right look for you is what we do best.

Email management

We see sales generated daily from our clients who focus on regular EDM send outs along with an impactful automated series of EDM’s. Your e-newsletter’s go directly in the hands of an audience that has opted to hear more about your brand. Driving strong messaging harnesses brand loyalty and drives up those sales. We brainstorm your EDM content with you, write all of the wording and design it, plus schedule it in. Creating consistency and fluidness with your marketing.

Social Media Management

Through strategically planning your social media posts, we create consistency in unison with balanced messaging, stunning layouts and impactful content. Working intuitively with your brand, we take the pressure off you, freeing up your valuable time for other important tasks. We all know the power of social media, being a number one tool to sell your products or services. Investing in this platform allows you to be seen and aesthetically on point.

Journal & interview writing

Harnessing words to organically grow your brand is a powerful and everlasting marketing tool. A simple google search can lead potential customers right your way if you are journalling and building regular content on your website. One piece of content built with key messaging and wording can be taken across all of your platforms. Showcasing your authenticity, knowledge and leadership in areas of expertise via blogging can exponentially grow your brand.

Shopify website

Having a stand out website sings sweet symphony’s into your brand. Generally this is the last step that customers take to purchase your product. Concise, flowing and user friendly are crucial to a seamless purchase. Whether it is a product or service you are selling make sure you do it right. Banging imagery, punchy words and ease of purchase is what makes a website work for the customer. Whether it is a new website from scratch or a website refresh, we can transform the way you look online.

Product Photography

There is one thing that we always say to each client and that is ‘make sure you have a great image library’. Your visual content is a key element to having a successful brand. Capturing your product or service in the right way says so much for what you are selling. People connect with imagery. In a time poor world where scrolling happens so fast, you need to have imagery that pops and wows. We create captivating high quality photos that create desire with your audience. Through luxury, timeless, crisp and perfectly styled photography.

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“For us the end result has to be exceptional. Powerful moments of growth and success is a key driver in the execution of every project we work on”

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