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EP 10 | Growth mindset with these top six strategies featuring Mikash Skincare

EP 10

Featuring Yasemin from Mikash Skincare

This podcast episode with Yasemin from Mikash Skincare shares her top six strategies for growth mindset.

Podcast Hosted by

Erin Pyers

Watching a brand grow always gives us true joy and happiness. It’s a journey and it takes time. It involves energy output and most importantly it requires the right mindset. This podcast episode with Yasemin from Mikash Skincare shares her top six strategies for growth mindset. Having started as a food blogger, then moving into developing skincare products to treat her eczema, Yasemin is a true testament to holding the right growth mindset.

We delve into Yasemin's top six strategies and some may be surprising.

  • Don’t look at competitors and be unique
  • Fake it till you make it
  • Use the law of attraction and change your mindset
  • Using Instagram features eg: reels
  • Pinterest (this has been huge)
  • Show yourself on all socials

There are many takeouts from this conversation, but here where our main ones.

~ Create demand for your product or service. When talking growth mindset, this can be done by celebrating each order made, by channeling the right thoughts to receiving more orders. Through not holding fear towards the next steps.

~ Truly believe in yourself and what you are doing. There will always be people that try to bring you down but don’t let them. Hold your head high and go for it.

~ Be your own self on the journey. Each and everyone of us is different, celebrate who you are in your brand and stop constantly looking at competitors. Don’t compare to others. Establish your own energy and space.

~ Celebrate the small wins, each and every order is worth celebrating. Watch it flow as you appreciate each customer and every order.

~ Give back, through giving back you show gratitude, understanding and care. Donate to organisations that matter to you.

Take a listen as we celebrate the growth of this amazing brand and share with you top growth mindset strategies that you can take away and implement for your brand.

Follow Yasemins's journey here:

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