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EP 01 | How to make gutsy decisions in business

EP 01

Featuring Kimberley Fergusan owner of Mo’s Desert Clubhouse and Beats Cartel

Our very first episode of Real & Raw in business kicked off with the amazing powerhouse business chick Kimberley Fergusan. Join us as we chat about making gutsy decisions in business.

Podcast Hosted by

Erin Pyers

Literally one of the most exciting creative projects for me to date – launching and hosting our very own Desert Rose Studio podcast called Real & Raw in Business. A space where we will be chatting with people about their real experiences in running and managing businesses. For those that know me, you know I do love a good chat, and so what better way for us to share the amazing conversations that we already get to have with other business owners, than to podcast it.

We kicked off our first episode speaking with the amazing powerhouse business chick Kimberley Fergusan, part owner of Mo’s Desert Clubhouse and Beats Cartel. Based on the Gold Coast and a serious beach lover, I chatted with Kim about how she manages to make gutsy decisions in business. One thing that we do see a lot of is people shying away from making real ballsy decisions because it can come with a lot of risk and this then creates fear. So I wanted to find out how Kim manages to do it.

I have known Kim for a very long time and I do know that she is a strong women but is this what you need to be to make gutsy decisions? What if you don’t feel strong? My biggest takeout from talking with Kim is that essentially to make gutsy decisions you need to do what makes you happy. If you keep your focus on doing things that make you happy then your decisions will be based around that. Sounds simple doesn’t it! But it is still a complex web even for Kim to navigate through, with some big decisions taking months to figure out.

Kim believes you lead with your head and heart working together to bring about the right decisions. Sometimes when these are slightly unbalanced you may feel your gut tell you that it isn’t the right choice. Mainly because your heart or head is being the more dominating one, this is when you most likely need to go back to the drawing board, slow down everything and take another look at it.

In this podcast episode you will hear some of the bigger decisions that Kim has had to make over her career so far. She is an incredible speaker and MC’s at festivals and events across Australia on top of being an amazing mother to her 4-month-old baby boy Atlas. This is definitely worth a listen. You can follow Kim’s business journey on instagram here – Mos Desert Clubhouse + Beats Cartel

Enjoy, please subscribe to our podcast for more amazing interviews that we will be sharing with you.

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