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The giant beast of SEO and our top 5 take-outs from an amazing podcast 

Listening to a podcast about SEO on my morning run it became very apparent how we simply can’t be everything within our business and outsourcing is necessary if you want to be at the top of your game.

That is why we have specialists in a whole array of fields to assist in areas that we either: 

  1. Don’t have the time for, but know the importance of. 
  2. Don’t know enough about it. 
  3. Want our business to excel at but don’t have the right tools to do so.

The ‘Small Business Big Marketing with Timbo Red’ podcast with Dana DiTomaso, one of the worlds leading SEO experts highlighted to me some very relevant points that I wanted to run through with you here. It reiterated to me how important it is with what we do at Desert Rose Studio including helping to build your content, take professional photos, assisting with your website and so much more.

As we all know SEO is a giant beast and one that we can easily get overwhelmed and daunted with.

At Desert Rose Studio we see this happen a lot with small to medium businesses. You get overwhelmed with an element of marketing and so bury the task that you don’t want to do under piles of other tasks to come back to later (which you never do).

Here were my top 5 take-outs from the podcast along with our knowledge and experience with SEO and managing websites:


The first rule is that SEO is not a magic wand to instantly increase your customer base. It takes time and energy to build it up.


The importance of your website to attract customers and not rely solely on social media is crucial. People go to your website for authentication and further scope to progress with their consumer decision making process.


Content, content and more content – continuing to update your website so you don’t have outdated, old and irrelevant content is so important. If I visit your website and it says Christmas 2014 blog post I’m not really feeling like you nurture your business enough to invest in it. Good content also includes having your own professional photos on your site and not stock images.


Local marketing can be key. This can give you a step ahead of major corporations that can’t focus locally. A good example that Dana gave of this is they told a physio to blog about the upcoming town marathon, this bumped him up high in the search rankings around the time of the marathon as the marathon website itself had bad SEO so you can ride off the back of things like this.


You need to be on board with helping any SEO specialist build your ranking. This requires time and energy from both parties, to help build the content and titles to increase your search ranking.

At Desert Rose Studio we do not classify ourselves as SEO specialists, however we are awesome at building content and design. We can help you with your look and feel including your website. We can also point you in the right direction if we think you need an SEO specialist on board for what you are doing. 

There is no denying the importance of SEO on the web to get the right traction and attention for your business online.

You can find the podcast here.

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