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Instagram for business – our top 10 do’s & dont’s

Are you trying to be seen on Instagram and not getting the results you’re after? Are you putting in all this time and effort and still not gaining traction? We share with you our simple yet effective elements to focus on with Instagram that will guide you to getting better results.   

1. Target your customer 

We know you’re not silly but we also see a lot of the time businesses are forgetting who they’re targeting, it is easy to get caught in the rabbit hole of Instagram and try to be like others. Everything that you post including images and text needs to be tailored exactly for your customer in mind. A great podcast said “what your customer comes to you for is why they will make a purchase with you”. For example, when Apple advertises how slim the Macbook Air is – when that customer walks into the store the seller highlights the features that they know the customer has come in for – they talk about how slim it is and easy to carry around. Make sense? Ask yourself, what are people coming to you for? And that is what you need to highlight. 

2. Imagery & wording

Use nice images. This is such a strong element. If you can’t take nice images yourself then invest in getting a good quality bank of professional images for your brand. Captions… equally as important. If you have a beautiful photo and a crappy caption then the impact of the photo gets diminished. If you can’t think of good captions, talk to your friends and see what they can help come up with. It is sometimes hard to come up with a caption on your own. 

3. Stories

Becoming more and more important. If you are feeling overwhelmed with trying to post all the time then lower your posts and focus on getting your story happening each day. 

4. People power

Don’t be shy, people love to watch other people. Do fun little videos of yourself, boomerangs and keep things light and fun. Anything too serious can turn people away, however the more real you are the better. 

5. Hashtag

If you want to be seen then use all the tools in the book. By using relevant hashtags you are creating way more exposure to your account. Set up a word doc where you keep a list of all the good hashtags relevant for your business. 

6. Post & comment regularly

Consistency is key. You need to be active on Instagram. Allocate half an hour at night to go through and comment on other peoples photos, reply back to all comments that people have made. The more love you give the more love you shall receive. 

7. Like other relevant pages 

By liking other peoples pages they generally then go and check out your page and may like you as well. 

8. Loop giveaways

Unless you have a major following we don’t recommend doing loop giveaways. It can deter people and you need to think about what you are trying to gain? At the end of the day if the result is for them to like your page and you grow your followers, you are actually acquiring people who aren’t avid proactive followers to your brand. You’re better off attracting followers who believe in your brand and will be more active. 

9. Don’t expect overnight results

It is easy to get really pumped up with your social accounts, have high hopes and then feel defeated. Don’t give up, know that it takes time to build it up and get great results. 

10. Theme it

Get your style sorted. Figure our what your style and theme is and run with that. Keep it consistent and then when people visit your page they get the whole vibe of it super quick and it looks beautiful. 

Above all, make sure you have fun with it, if you are overwhelmed with your social media accounts for business we are more than happy to assist you. Hola at us hello@desertrosestudio.com.au if you would like to catch up and run through what we can help you with. 

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