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From start up to thriving skincare brand leading the way

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Founder of Mukti Organics – Mukti

If you’re a skincare lover and are more on the side of natural and organic then this podcast episode of Real & Raw in Business is for you, as I chat with the founder of Mukti Organics, her name is Mukti. 

Mukti is an eco-advocate and green cosmetic chemistry pioneer. She established her brand in the year 2000, and created one of Australia’s first certified organic skincare brands Mukti Organics. Alongside this massive achievement she is the Author of her incredible book Truth in Beauty, the ultimate resource for holistic beauty. 

The start of my chat with Mukti I was instantly blown away at her experience and depth of knowledge around natural beauty products. There is no doubt in my mind now why her products work so well. 

With 20 years in the industry, Mukti has had incredible growth over the years and continues to peak. Based on the Sunshine Coast, Mukti Organics also has a day spa in Maleny. 

Mukti walks the talk, starting her day off at 4am with meditation to then spending the next six hours writing her book. What a powerhouse of a lady leading the way in education around skincare and natural beauty. 

If anything I highly encourage you to use these beautiful hand made, certified organic, vegan skincare products.

You will love this episode of Real & Raw in Business. 

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